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We're just a couple of guys who left the hustle and bustle of Chicago and transplanted ourselves to Indiana. twelve years later we have never regretted our choice to make Angola, Indiana our home.  Danny started making soap over 14 years ago because of some issues with me (Jorge)  breaking out and  having super sensitive skin.  But somewhere in there it became more then a hobby. We started gifting our creations to friends and family. And then they started wanting to buy it to gift it to their friends and family. One day as I watched him whip out batch after batch of soap I decided I needed to get more involved, to find a way to spend more time together and make something bigger out of something he loved to do. We registered our name, got insurance, and started our own little soap company. We source as many local ingredients as we can  for our  soap and choose environmentally friendly ingredients like sustainable palm oil and bio glitter. Making little changes that helped keep us as green as possible. We started selling soap at markets and craft shows- but it was still mostly Danny doing all the work and me just picking scents or stirring pots (or washing the massive amounts of dishes he created.). 
We did some research and we decided to expand into the world of Bath Bombs... that was something I could do, not just with him, but on my own. I found it was fun and relaxing. It was also something we could do together.
I finally understood why he enjoyed making soap- not only was it utilitarian, but for him it was fun. From there we kept researching and finding other things we could make together. We have expanded our line to include plenty of products over the years, but each one is made the same way- with the best ingredients we can find and lots of love and laughter. We say that our products are not only skin loving but also soul soothing...not just yours, but ours too.

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