Introducing our Happy Trails Shampoo and Body Bar. The perfect all in one hair and body bar to take with you camping this summer. Made with a blend of 6 essential oils that are thought to keep the bugs at bay. Citronella, Cedarwood, Eucalpytus, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils make a refreshing blend that's a winner in our book. 

Happy Trails

  • Coconut oil, Ethically sourced Palm oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Sunflower oil. Sodium hydroxide, Distilled water, Fragrance/Essential oils, Activated Charcoal* Mica powders.

    *Unless specified on the description. 

  • Handcrafted soap is high in glycerin, which your skin will love, but which requires extra care to make your soap last. Use a soap dish that allows your soap to dry out between uses. Letting soap sit in water will shorten its life.

     Store extra soap in a cool dry place.