Are you ready to Go Green with us? You've been asking and we have finally decided to branch out and make some products for your home. We are proud to announce our new Laundry Whip, our all natural laundry detergent. One tablespoon in your wash is all you need. This will last 70 loads and it comes in a 32 oz  recyclable and reusable jar. This one is unscented. Coming soon Lemon Lavender!

Laundry Whip

  • Place a tablespoon of Laundry Whip directly on top of clothes (do not use detergent compartments in your washer, as it may not dissolve entirely.) You may disolve in hot water for HE Washers.

  • Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Borate, Sodium Carbonate,  Sodium Hydroxide.